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Author of the memoir "I Need to Tell You" and other short stories

I Need To Tell You

It’s 1968 and Cathryn Vogeley is eighteen, unmarried and pregnant. Her baby is kept secret and taken for adoption, a decision which shapes the rest of her life. This beautifully-written memoir tells the haunting story of a woman who spends almost fifty years overcoming the consequences of one decision in order to find forgiveness, understanding, and peace. For decades Cathryn allowed this choice to define her value as a woman, a wife, and a mother. In every relationship, in every hobby, she searches for something or someone to soothe the constant ache she feels.

Cathryn's story is more relevant today than ever, given the Supreme Court's reversal of legal abortion. Adoption has profound consequences on the birth mother and the child and should be examined seriously as a high risk solution to unwanted pregnancy.

An important testimony about a time in history that is seldom given attention...You’ll not soon forget Cathryn or her story.

Knife sharp prose that cuts to the heart – a woman who never stops searching for the child she gave up for adoption 50 years ago. I Need to Tell You is a journey of unnamable pain, great triumphs, and fierce hope.

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