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Cathryn Vogeley was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the post WWII baby boom. She grew up in the suburban community of Forest Hills among a tumultuous family of seven. Cathryn is the daughter of a devout Catholic and third of Irish triplets. As a girl she found the nuns to be fascinating with their long black habits, veils and wimples that allowed only the skin of their hands and the front of their faces to be visible adding to the mystery of a body under all of that fabric. But she matured into a teenager and the curiosity dissolved when she enrolled in nursing school and met the boy who would change her life.

Years later after earning a Master’s degree as a nurse specialist, she cared for hundreds of patients with chronic wounds. Her mission is, and has always been, healing.

Cathryn is a keen observer with a sensitivity toward the injustice, the ridiculousness, and the beauty of the world. Her urge to write was born from her desire to bring such stories to the forefront, delving into the nitty- gritty and examining the profound effect one person can have on another.

Cathryn’s memoir, I Need to Tell You, laid the groundwork for building her passion for writing. She has found her people in the writing community of Reedsy, The Attic Institute of Writers, and those in her writing critique group.

Cathryn raised two daughters with whom she enjoys close relationships. Her greatest pleasure is watching their children discover all that life has to offer. The wild and wonderful Pacific Northwest is her home where she lives with her husband and three terriers. Cathryn practices writing every day in her yoga/writing room above the garage and walks on the gravel road taking pictures that you see on this website.

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